A downloadable game for Windows

Genre: action , violence .

Rating: 16+

Info:, This game has not been published yet but it is a protoypical release of the full game and this is a demo for testing . this is just level 1 for demo.

**Full Game Will be " Paid "** and better than this.

Story : The player comes across a town named Arlor where he finds that every citizen has been abducted by the terrorsts. He takes the task of clearing through the enemy soldiers and rescue the town members

Tips: for better frame rates i recommend 8GB Ram and for graphics use " fantastic "setting.

This works on 2GB ram also but the fps is as low as 30. with fastest settings

Install instructions

Download the Installer and install


W.I.L.L x86 Setup.exe 99 MB


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Hope u guys enjoy it :) dont rate it bad if u find any bug. just leave a comment and i will fix it in the full version. also full version will be released when i earn 4 + ratings out of 5. TY:)